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Every year, we transform Macomb Street between Virginia and Georgia Streets into an Entertainment and Business Venue

Frenchtown Rising events in its third (3rd) year, are held on Fridays before each FAMU home football game. Over fifty six thousand (56,000) people attended the Frenchtown Rising events in 2021.  There are five (5) home games on the FAMU 2022 football schedule. These events occurred from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The core objectives of the events are four fold:


1. Re-introduce the world to Frenchtown and its assets, including its human capital

2. Promote the spirit of community unity and collaboration

3. Encourage and Spur Commerce, including Business Development

4. Reconnect Frenchtown to FAMU

It is worth noting that one of our objectives is to raise enough money to give a local Frenchtown resident, a Senior High School student, a scholarship to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University! This worthy cause will be well noted and advertised in our local media outlets as well as nationally. It is verily prayed that you will become a participating partner in this worthwhile endeavor.

Consistent with the Events theme, we have developed this project through collaborative public/private partnerships.  It involves project participants from the business, government segments and the Greater Frenchtown Southside Community.

The project site is in an area which is experiencing substantial growth and revitalization.  Mount Olive Affordable Housing and Community Development Corporation, in collaboration with the Greater Frenchtown Southside Community plans to return this section of a main thoroughfare of the Community into a thriving commercial venue.

The Event site transformation encourages business development, public/private cooperation and partnerships.  This event gives new and existing businesses in the area the opportunities they need to grow sales and increase revenues.

Productions of these events are essential to implementation of the economic/community development elements of the Frenchtown Neighborhood First and Greater Frenchtown Southside Redevelopment Plans.

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